Name: S.Dhilip Varman
Age: -
Date of Birth: 28 april 19xx
Place: Penang
Occupation: Singer & Music Director
Favorite Movies: Romantic
Favorite Music: Classical & Symphony

Dhilip Varman, singer, lyricist and composer, is born and bred in Penang. Many compare the texture and melody of his vocal range with that of Indian playback singers.

Dhilip, an ardent fan of renowned musical composers Illayaraja and A.R. Rahman, started his musical journey as a stage singer, performing at small shows.

His productions have since appeared in local films November 24, Kanngal and Ivanthan Hero. He even bagged the Best Male Vocalist at last year’s MIMI (Malaysian Indian Music Industry) Awards.

Dhilip produced his first album last year, Kanavellam, which featured songs composed and arranged by him.

Former Works Minister Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu also contributed a poem that was used as lyrics for the song, Kanavugal Varum (Dreams Will Come).

In the year 2000, Dhilip started his musical journey as a stage singer, performing in shows and concerts initially. His talent did not go unnoticed and in 2002 he got an opportunity to sing in an Album Rogkwave Naveenam “ .

He was given the chance to sing in an album by Sashi Rogkwave a.k.a D’ Shaaq and later he invited him to join the group. Soon he ventured into his own production with the guidance of Rogkwave and went on to form his very own company Dhilip Varman Productions.

Dhilip Varman
shot to fame with his song Uyirai Thozhaiten composed by Jay of Stigmatrix. His singing prowess equals the best singers around, if not more.
This song caught the nation by surprise with its composition and rendering quality became the number 1 hit song featured for the longest period in THR Raaga Malaysian Top 10.
Dhilip has moved a step forward with this success by recently launching his own album, Kanavellam. Dhilip's next album ( Meendum Meendum ) coming soon, in this new coming album, he has even sang a song with a INDIA playback singer which was recorded in India itself. HE didnt want to reveal who is that “secret” INDIA playback singer, just wait for his next album.
Dhilip also selected as "Best Male Vocalist" for MIMI Awards 2007.

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